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Our Story and Passion with Reliv.
Our Story started 3 years ago. I got introduced to Reliv through a friend.

We have been using the product for 3 years and we have never looked back.
I love how my overall well-being has enhanced and so my wife. We really feel empowered.

Not to forget our children who enjoy having the Reliv Now for kids every morning to keep their body and mind nourished while they developing.

All this made us look at the company from a business point of view, because we couldn't keep quiet about this a amazing product.

We were looking for change, for personal and family freedom, also for financial security. We didn't want to be out working 9_6 everyday, but with Reliv we get the opportunity to work from home around our kids and live the life style we always dreamed off. However 3 years down the line we have a good customer base and our organisation is expanding internationally, we also had the privilege to attend two Reliv Conferences and see how this amazing company helping people from all over the world.

Finding Reliv was on of the best things to ever happen to us. We absolutely love what we do, and have a passion to help people with their health and finance.

If today you are looking for change let's have a chat on 07881988160/07474655220 or drop us an email on

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and Passion with Reliv. :-)